H. Koon Omega III 7MM RARE! Original Flower Mound 7MM Wildcat

H. Koon Omega III 7MM RARE! Original Flower Mound 7MM Wildcat


This Omega III was produced in Flower Mound, Texas in the 1970’s prior to Hi-Shear purchasing.  These rifles were produced and sold until the company was sold to Hi-Shear. Hi-Shear moved the production to California after the sale.  This rifle is an excellent example of the limited 1 of 1000 Omega IIIs that were designed and manufactured by H. Koon at the original Omega Arms company of Flower Mound, Texas before the sale.  Fewer than a thousand of these superb rifles exist and are seldom seen coming to market and are almost never found in new, excellent condition. A rare opportunity that you’re not likely to ever have again.

Its unique design features a fixed rotary magazine, fully adjustable trigger, both a trigger and bolt safety, octagonal receiver, as designed by company founder Homer Koon. Koon felt this helped with better control of the round feed. This rifle is in excellent like-new condition. It is tapped and fitted with the original Conetrol Scope Mount bases.  It is SN 559.  The bore is in Excellent condition with a 28″ Barrel.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Caliber is marked 7MM W.A.M. We had this inspected by our GunSmith whom confirmed this is a custom “Wildcat” Round. Included with the rifle is the chamber Cast Bullet with the specs. This can be used as a template to supply a manufacturer to reproduce the rounds for the rifle.

The Culmination of Craftsmanship and Firearm design in the purely American revolution. When you pick up an Omega you immediately realize the difference quality makes.  You feel the difference in the fine balance for fast handling, the smooth bolt slide with its short lift and close fit, the dependable feed of the rotary magazine, the sensitive but crisp trigger, and the quiet but positive safety. You see the difference in the close fit of parts, the shaping and finish of the stock, the high polish and deep luxurious blue of metal. You know of the skilled labor that went into its crafting,  Add to this the extreme accuracy, extra strength, versatility, dependability, and reduced recoil produced by advanced engineering and you have the last letter in rifles – OMEGA.

Serial Number: 559

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