Heckler & Koch SR9

Heckler & Koch SR9


The SR9s are modified HK91-series rifles intended to qualify for import as sporting rifles after the US ban on imported “assault weapons” in 1989. The visible differences include the removal of the flash suppressor, bayonet lugs, and pistol grip (on the base model) in order to improve the design’s acceptance as a sporting rifle. The SR9s have a medium weight barrel that is slightly less than 20″. All SR9s are marked “Made in W-Germany” on the right side of the receiver. SR9s imported after September 1994 were sold with a 5-round magazine because of the US Federal ban on magazines that could accept more than 10 rounds.

Serial Number: 46-000671
Weight: 10.9 pounds
Length: 42.5 inches
Barrel length: 19.7 inches
Cartridge: 7.62×51mm NATO
Action: roller-delayed blowback

Read more about the Heckler & Koch SR9 here.

Serial Number: 46-000671

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Made in West Germany, SR9’s are modified HK91-series rifles known for their outstanding quality and accuracy.


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