HK 93 Heckler & Koch Pre-Ban

HK 93 Heckler & Koch Pre-Ban


Up for grabs is a Pre-Ban HK 93 semi-automatic rifle in .223 REM. Serial number- A129393. MFG. 1981. It does NOT include a magazine. Manufactured in 1981 with standard markings and features. With a retractable metal buttstock with checkered rubber buttplate. Identical to the HK91 externally, with only the select-fire internals missing, the flipper magazine release deleted, the front pushpin area replaced with the “shelf,” the grenade launching ring omitted from the barrel, and one pushpin behind the trigger group instead of two, the HK93 is the “little brother” to the HK91. Imported into the United States in greatly reduced numbers from the 91, the 93 is now commanding premium prices in the United States. The HK93 is truly a pleasure to shoot, with the roller locking system responsible for a smoothness uncommon in most modern semiautomatic rifles.

The Barrel is 16″ and the Bore is in Excellent Condition! It includes the Bipod.

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Serial Number: A129393

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