HK USP – 9mm

HK USP – 9mm


Up for grabs is a HK USP semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. Serial number-24-17372. This pistol is in excellent condition and comes with 3 magazines (one 10 round and two 15 round). The "KE" date code reflects a manufacture date of 1994. This pistol is DA/SA with de-cocker and without the "safe" position, making it the 4th variation of the USP. Originally designed for the American market, the USP (Universal Self-loading Pistol) has found international acceptance as an accurate and ultra-reliable handgun. Features favored by U.S. law enforcement and military users provided much of the design criteria for the USP. The controls are uniquely American, influenced by such famous designs as the Government Model 1911 pistol. All USPs use a fiber-reinforced polymer frame stiffened by stainless steel inserts at areas subject to stress and friction. V2-E3

Barrel Length: 4.25

Bore condition: Excellent

Year Manufactured: 1994

Serial Number: 24-17372

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