J.P. Sauer K98k Mauser CE 44 – WWII Stamps

J.P. Sauer K98k Mauser CE 44 – WWII Stamps


Ready for sale is a Very Rare J.P. Sauer K98k Mauser bolt-action rifle in 7.92×57. Serial number – 6610. This rifle is in excellent original all matching condition. Unfortunately, the bore is not in as good condition as the rest of the rifle with extensive rust and pitting. This rifle is a very scarce German Army issued 1944 production J.P Sauer assembled ce 44 coded K98k Mauser service rifle. 1944 Sauer rifles are scarce because Sauer was winding down 98k production and was concentrating on Sturmgewehr MP44 production. Late in 1944 98k production completely ceased. All serials match and completely original has the gothic lettering of Mod. 98 on the receiver typical of Sauer rifles. J.P. Sauer made bolts and stocks and other parts but many of the major components were subcontracted out to other firms and they were responsible for final assembly. J.P Sauer coded rifles are extremely popular to collectors and they are highly sought after due to the prestige of the brand, not unlike Winchester made M1 carbines and Garands. The barrel is 23.62 inches.

Serial Number: 6610

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