Mauser Karabiner Model 98k Mod. 98 BYF 44

Mauser Karabiner Model 98k Mod. 98 BYF 44


The Mauser Karabiner Model 98k was the work horse of the German military during WWII. While outmatched by semi-automatic rifles like the M1 Garand. The Model 98 is still one of, if not the best bolt-action design in history. Many rifle such as the Springfield 1903 and Remington 700 based or flat out stole the Mauser action design. It is a must have for any WWII collection.

Dated: 1944. This rifle is in great condition considering its age and has Nazi stamps. The stock appears to have burns on the grip and the cheek rest and there is pitting and rust on the buttplate. The bore is in great shape but there does appear to be a band of rust or residue. The barrel is 24″ Long.

Please check the photos as not all the serial numbers on the action do not match the rest of the serials on this rifle.

Serial Number: 9779

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