Maynard Carbine 2nd Model – .50 Maynard

Maynard Carbine 2nd Model – .50 Maynard


Up for grabs is a Maynard Carbine 2nd Model single-shot lever-action rifle in .50 Maynard Cartridge. Serial number- 10455. Please note: the action is fairly loose and should be looked at by a gunsmith before possible discharge. The Maynard Carbine was one of the many rifles and carbines used during the American Civil war. Despite being originally designed in 1851 by Edward Maynard, the Maynard Carbine did not enter full production until the Civil War began, as the need for firearms grew. The Maynard Carbine was designed around the use of a lever-action mechanism, becoming one of the first breechloading carbines of the conflict. This lever, as with many lever-action designs of that era, effectively formed the trigger guard. When the lever was pulled down the breach was opened as the barrel was unlocked to swing open on a hinge, to allow the metallic cartridge (which itself was a relatively new concept) to be loaded. When the lever was in its upper position, the barrel would be locked back into its correct position. The Second Model or Model 1863 was manufactured between 1863 and 1865. Over 20,000 were made.
Barrel Length: 20
Bore condition: Poor
Year Manufactured: 1863-1865

Serial Number: 10455

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