RARE North Korean SKS Type 63 Matching!

RARE North Korean SKS Type 63 Matching!


Up for grabs is a North Korean SKS semi-automatic rifle in 7.62×39. Serial number – 4380. All visible matching SNs! This rifle is in excellent condition, there is a small crack on the bottom of the stock but otherwise, it is in perfect condition. It is equipped with a bayonet blade and a dark laminated stock similar to some Russian birch stocks. The bore is in excellent condition and the barrel is 20.5″ long. Unfortunately it is missing the gas shutoff valve.

One of the least common SKS variants, the Type-63 was a platform based on the Russian SKS-45 and produced by the North Korean. Since the rifle was introduced to the North Korean military in 1963, no Type-63s could have been recovered by the United States or other UN forces during the Korean War which raged from 1950-1953. Instead most if not all Type-63s found in the US were captured during the Vietnam War when North Korea along with several other communist governments sent military aid to North Vietnam. The North Korean Type-63 is extremely rare and will make an excellent addition to the collection.

Serial Number: 4380

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