Remington Model 721B BDL

Remington Model 721B BDL


Up for grabs is a Remington Model 721B BDL bolt-action rifle in .30-06 SPRG. Serial number- 215406. This rifle looks to have been manufactured in 1952 and is considered to be the "Deluxe Grade" due to the extra "B" letter added to the model number. The Model 721 and Model 722 along with the later Model 725 variant are bolt-action sporting rifles manufactured by Remington Arms from 1948 until 1961. The 721 replaced the short-lived Model 720. The Model 721 is considered to be one of the first modern, economically produced sporting rifles whose design largely continued with the subsequent and highly successful Model 700. Manufactured with high precision, it is known for its exceptional accuracy. The bolt and receiver design, based on the Mauser action, is considered one of the strongest ever produced. Samples in excellent condition have become collectible. Barrel length: 24". V1-F1

Serial Number: 215406

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