Remington XP-100 – 7mm BR

Remington XP-100 – 7mm BR


For sale is a Remington XP-100 bolt-action pistol in 7mm BR. Serial number- B7517915. This XP-100 is in good condition. Includes a Burris scope rail. This pistol was introduced to the shooting public in 1963 as the Remington XP-100 Long Range Pistol—the XP-100 standing for "experimental pistol number 100." With an initial MSRP of $99, the XP-100 was clearly not a conventional sporting arm. It targeted the hunter with a bent toward the unusual. Handgun hunting was finally blossoming, and varmint or pest shooting provided an ample environment for testing and experimenting. Almost immediately handgunners began wildcatting cartridges for the pistol and stock makers started making stocks from exotic woods in even more glamorous styles.
Barrel Length: 15
Bore condition: Excellent
Year Manufactured: 1986

Serial Number: B7517915

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