Romania SAR2 AK-74 – 5.45x39mm

Romania SAR2 AK-74 – 5.45x39mm


For sale is a Romanian SAR2 AK-74 semi-automatic rifle in 5.45x39mm, with a wire-folder stock and optics rail. Serial number- S20848603. This SAR2 was built in Romania at the Cugir factory and imported by C.A.I. The top cover, bolt, carrier, and trunnion all have matching serials. The forearm is a Tapco polymer and the pistol grip has been upgraded to a rubberized ErgoGrip. The safety lever appears to have been modified to have a bolt-hold-open notch. This rifle has a birdcage flash-hider and the wire folding stock is wrapped with green paracord. This AK-74 comes with a black sling and (1) "Circle 10" 30-round mag, (2) clear 30-round mags (not steel reinforced), and (1) Tapco 10-rounder. The bayonet lug has been shaved. The flash-hider is removeable, however there is not a detent plunger pin. The SAR2 essentially functions the same as an AK-47 however the cartridge used is the AK-74 5.45X39mm which is a flatter shooting, lighter recoiling round than the 7.62X39mm.
Barrel Length: 16
Bore condition: Excellent

Serial Number: S20848603

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