Romarm/Cugir WASR-10/63

Romarm/Cugir WASR-10/63


For sale is a Romarm/Cugir WASR-10/63 semi-automatic rifle in 7.62x39mm. Serial number- PU-3844-90. This rifle comes with a cleaning kit in the stock and a magazine. Please note there is some heavy rust on the butt plate, but the rest of the rifle appears to be rust-free. The Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-automatic Rifles (more commonly referred to as the WASR-series rifles) are a line of rifles manufactured in Romania by the long-established Cugir Arms Factory as a result of a collaboration between Century International Arms and Cugir. The GP WASR-10/63 was built using the same newly-manufactured single-stack receiver and chrome-lined barrel as the GP WASR-10, and the two models are cosmetically similar. However, while the GP WASR-10 was made with new parts, all parts on the GP WASR-10/63 (other than the receiver and barrel) came from a former Romanian military rifle.
Barrel Length: 16
Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: PU-3844-90

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