Rossi Model 13 Princess

Rossi Model 13 Princess


Up for grabs is a Rossi Model 13 Princess revolver in .22 LR. Serial number- 599325. Up for auction is a very rare Rossi Model 13 "Princess" double-action, seven-shot, nickel-plated, .22 cal. revolver with a 3" barrel and swing-out cylinder. It has checkered brown plastic grips. The Princess is essentially a copy of the third model Smith & Wesson Ladysmith, with the addition of an Iver Johnson-style transfer bar, coil springs, and a rebounding firing pin. The frame is die-cast from "Zamak," a zinc-based alloy that incorporates aluminum, magnesium, and copper, which is substantially stronger than commonly used high strength aluminum alloys. Includes original case as well.

The barrel is 3" long and the bore is in great condition!

Serial Number: 599325

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