Ruger American Rifle – .450 BM

Ruger American Rifle – .450 BM


For sale is a Ruger American Rifle bolt-action rifle in .450 BM. Serial number- 697-62977. This Ruger is in good condition and comes with a magazine, muzzle break and a barrel thread protector. This rifle also features Rugers Marksman Adjustable trigger. Please refer to photos for surface condition. The Ruger American Rifle is chambered in .450 Bushmaster, which is a powerful and versatile cartridge specifically designed for hunting large game at moderate ranges. The .450 BM round offers excellent stopping power and is suitable for hunting deer, hogs, and other big game in North America. The Ruger American Rifle in .450 BM is a reliable and powerful bolt-action rifle designed for hunting and shooting applications. It offers a versatile caliber, compact size, and modern features that make it suitable for hunters and shooters who demand performance and durability.
Barrel Length: 16
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 2017

Serial Number: 697-62977

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