Ruger Old Army – .45 Blackpowder – Eagle Sambar Stag Grips!

Ruger Old Army – .45 Blackpowder – Eagle Sambar Stag Grips!


Up for grabs is a Ruger Old Army revolver in .45 Blackpowder. Serial number- 148-01556. Mfg. 1995. Includes Eagle Stag Grips! Genuine Sambar Stag Grips are carefully handcrafted from exotic Indian Sambar deer antlers. Each pair are unique and special and will set your Ruger sixgun apart from every other handgun gun out there. The Ruger Old Army revolver is unusual in that, unlike most percussion revolvers on the market, it was not based on a historical design, but was a modification of Ruger’s Blackhawk model, which was itself based upon the cartridge-firing Colt Peacemaker. The Old Army revolver accordingly incorporates many modern design features, though employing antiquated black-powder component loading.

V2-F1 Barrel Length: 7.5 Bore condition: Excellent Year Manufactured: 1995

Serial Number: 148-01556

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