Schmidt-Rueben Model 1889

Schmidt-Rueben Model 1889


Up for grabs is a Schmidt-Rueben Model 1889 straight-pull bolt-action rifle in 7.5x55mm. This particular rifle was sporterized for the US commercial market and other than some scratches and minor surface pitting/rust spots it is in great condition. Almost all the serials match including the barrel, action, bolt, receiver, and butt plate. The magazine serial is the number that does not match.

The Schmidt-Rubin Model 1889 was the standard issue rifle of the Swiss army from 1889-1959. Its straight pull bolt design was completely unique for its time note only because of the action but it was also one of the first rifles to use a copper jacketed ammunition. Many experts consider the rifle as one of the best military bolt-action designs with excellent accuracy, speed, and reliability. Due to the fact that the Swiss never entered World War I and World War II most Schmidt-Ruebens are in great condition compaired to other WWII era rifles. The bore is in Great condition and the barrel is 22″ Long.

Serial Number: 183017

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