SMG Guns FG42 for Sale

SMG Guns FG42 for Sale


Ready for sale is an SMG Guns Reproduction FG42 semi-automatic rifle in 7.92x57mm / 8mm Mauser. Serial number – 531. This rifle is in excellent condition and comes with a heavy-duty Plano case, manual, DVD, and 3 magazines. The barrel is 20-inches and the bore is in excellent condition. During WWII the FG42 was produced by the German Luftwaffe after German Paratrooper suffered heavy casualties due to their inability to return long-range machine gunfire. They were first used in the famous raid by German paratroopers and SS commandos to rescue Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in September 1943. Today FG42s are extremely rare and expensive. In response, SMG Guns reproduced semi-automatic versions of the original FG42s. The reproductions are not exact copies and have some added features for the modern shooter. Otherwise, the SMG Guns FG42 is about 90% authentic to the original. Don’t miss the opportunity to own one of the most advanced firearms produced during WWII.

Serial Number: 531

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