Smith & Wesson 25-5 – Magnet Lock Concept Design

Smith & Wesson 25-5 – Magnet Lock Concept Design


For sale is a Smith & Wesson 25-5 double-action revolver with a magnetic lock in .45 Colt. Serial number- N843724. This revolver is in excellent condition and comes equipped with the original wood grips, soft case, cleaning kit, and 4 magnetic rings. A stamp on the inside of the wood grip dates the firearm to 1984. Overall the gloss bluing and finish is amazing. The trigger is crisp and timing/lockup is excellent. The barrel is also ported!
Please note: We believe this revolver is a proof of concept gun! The front strap has been replaced with a magnet lock contraption and requires a magnet ring (4 are provided) to allow the handgun to cock. We believe the concept behind this invention was to prevent a suspect/attacker from disarming the owner and using it against them. It appears this concept works but never made it past the concept stage. We have provided photos and made a video on our YouTube channel showing how this revolver works! This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece and would be an excellent addition to a collection.
Barrel Length: 4
Bore condition: Excellent
Year Manufactured: 1984

Serial Number: N843724

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