Smith & Wesson 657-4 Mountain Gun

Smith & Wesson 657-4 Mountain Gun


Ready for sale is a Smith & Wesson 657-4 Mountain Gun double-action revolver in .41 Mag. Serial number – CCU9230. This pistol is in great condition. This revolver has an extremely smooth double-action, one of the smoothest we've had here at D4, we the trigger must have some custom work. These revolvers were a limited production item manufactured in 1998-99 only. This is a "Pre-Lock" revolver without the lawyer-inspired (and ugly) safety lock in the side of the frame. The Mountain Gun series features a special light contour 4" barrel. This revolver is of stainless steel construction, built on the big "N-frame". The Bore is in good condition and the barrel is 4 1/8 inches long.

Serial Number: CCU9230

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