Springfield M1 Garand 1945

Springfield M1 Garand 1945


Little discussion can be had on the subject of American infantrymen in World War Two without the mention of the highly-acclaimed M1 Garand rifle. As the standard infantry rifle of the Second World War GI, the Garand saw combat throughout theaters in Europe with the United States Army and especially in the Pacific with the United States Marine Corps. The major distinction of the M1 Garand series lay in the acceptance of the weapon system as the first self-loading rifle reaching operational status in the world. This occurred at a time when other national military forces were still relying on the tried and true, albeit slow-loading, bolt-action type rifles. Accepted as early as 1932, the rifle came into service by 1936 to become the principal soldier’s weapon by the first year of America’s participation in the war.

This is an excellent example of a WWII M1 Garand. This rifle is in excellent condition for its age as well as the bore. It has a 24″ Barrel and is chambered in .30M1(.30-06) A serial number lookup would place this rifle at a 1945 production. The barrel is dated 7-53.

Serial Number: 3614522

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