Springfield EBO SAR-8 SAR-3 Overstamp like HK91 – Pre-Ban

Springfield EBO SAR-8 SAR-3 Overstamp like HK91 – Pre-Ban


This Pre-Ban Springfield Armory EBO SAR-8 (SAR-3 overstamp) is basically a civilian copy of the Heckler & Koch HK91. This one was made in Greece by EBO with H&K tools, so it is as close to an HK-91 as you can get. It was imported by Springfield Armory for your shooting pleasure. Some history from Wikipedia on the HK-91 and SAR-8: “The last few HK-91s that were delivered to the U.S. in 1989 were blocked by customs after President George H. W. Bush issued an Executive Order banning the importation of “non-sporting” rifles . . . Licensed copies of the G3 and HK-91 were produced in Greece by Hellenic Arms Industry or “EBO”, using factory tooling purchased from Heckler & Koch. A small number of these HK-91 clones, which are functionally and aesthetically identical to the German-made rifles, were imported into America by Springfield Armory, Inc. and sold under the designation SAR-8. These rifles, which ceased being imported in 1994, are not to be confused with later Springfield-made SAR-8 model rifles which feature cast aluminum receivers and are considered of markedly lower quality, being valued at far less than the original Greek models.

This rifle includes the original box.

Caliber- 7.62 Nato (.308 Win)
Barrel Length- 19″
Bore Cond – Good

Serial Number: 07294

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