STI 2011 Staccato P

STI 2011 Staccato P


The STI Staccato P is STI Internationals latest version of their #1 selling STI 2011 9mm pistol. This double stack 2011 pistol is a huge upgrade of Browning’s legendary 1911 design. It’s steel frame and and polymer grips absorb and dissipate the felt recoil while shedding the overall weight of the pistol. The STI G2 grips incorporate FlaTec™ technology, built with superior materials, craftsmanship and STI’s 2011 recoil absorbing grip module. Creating a more accurate controllable pistol, giving you the shooter the ability to put rounds on target where they count.

STI’s Staccato P 9mm pistol is a double stack comes installed with the fiber optic front sight, T.A.S II rear sight and a 4.4 inch barrel. Included with the pistol is a STI 2011 Staccato P soft pistol case, the operators manual, Dawson backup rear sight, and 2 double stack magazines

Serial Number: TX10617

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