Walther Bundeswehr P1 – 9mm

Walther Bundeswehr P1 – 9mm


For sale is a Walther P1 semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. Serial number: 066951. Includes 6 mags! Has some mismatched Sns and appears to have been refinished. Since P 38 and P1 pistols were repeatedly repaired by the German Army, mixed versions of old and new parts were built over the decades. Has the Bundeswehr "bw" stamp. combat experience had proven the Wehrmacht’s Walther P38 to be a tough and reliable service pistol. So rather than adopting a totally new design, the Bundeswehr simply fielded a modernized version of the P38 designated the Pistole 1 (P1). It subsequently served several generations of Teutonic soldats during the Cold War, as they faced down the Russian Bear.
Barrel Length: 5
Bore condition: Excellent
Year Manufactured: 1982

Serial Number: 066951

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