Walther Model 8 First Variant – .25 ACP

Walther Model 8 First Variant – .25 ACP


Up for grabs is a Walther Model 8 semi-automatic pistol in .25 ACP. Serial number- 400239. This pistol comes with the magazine. The first Model 8 variant was likely made from 1920 to about 1926. Serial numbers run from about 390,000 to 480,000, with an estimated total production of about 84,000 guns. The Walther Model 8 was produced from late 1920 to approximately 1940. Production estimates vary. The gun was sleek and modern looking and became an instant commercial success. Its external look is reminiscent of the Model 1910 FN Browning. The Model 8 was often carried by staff officers during World War II, and as a backup gun by aviators, tank crewmen, and SS, many of whom required weapons that could be used in confined spaces.


Barrel Length: 2.75

Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: 400239

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