Walther Model 8 First Variant – 6.35mm –

Walther Model 8 First Variant – 6.35mm –


Up for grabs is a Walther Model 8 First Variant semi-automatic pistol in 6.35mm. Serial number- 458433. This pistol comes with one magazine. The gun was sleek and modern-looking and became an instant commercial success. Its external look is reminiscent of the Model 1910 FN Browning. The Model 8 was often carried by staff officers during World War II, and as a backup gun by aviators, tank crewmen, and SS, many of whom required weapons that could be used in confined spaces. The first Model 8 variant was likely made from 1920 to about 1926. Serial numbers run from about 390,000 to 480,000, with an estimated total production of about 84,000 guns.
Barrel Length: 2.75
Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: 458433

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