Webley MK I British Navy Service Revolver

Webley MK I British Navy Service Revolver


The Webley Mark I revolver was accepted for British military service in July of 1887, with many serving through two world wars. All Webley top-beak revolvers featured a two-piece frame, which hinges – “breaks” down at the forward low end for ejection and loading. The ejector is actuated automatically when the frame is broken open (hence the name break-action), simultaneously removing all six cases from the cylinder. So the user need only break open the gun to extract the spent cartridges. Fresh cartridges can then be inserted by hand.

It is stamped with the Royal Naval Markings on the top of the break action, break lever, back strap, hammer, and trigger. Manufactured between 1890-1894. This model has a modified cylinder to accept the .45 ACP cartridge

Caliber: .45 ACP

Serial Number: 34537

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