Winchester Model 21

Winchester Model 21


The shotgun’s initial production run from 1931 through 1960 yielded approximately 30,000 guns. Winchester Repeating Arms Company ceased the main production line of this shotgun in 1960 and the Model 21 was sourced to the Winchester Custom Shop until the gun’s retirement in 1991. New Winchester Model 21 production continues under license to Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company.

The lock up is tight, and the bores are mint. Underside of the receiver has some minor blue loss.

Certificate from the Cody Firearms Museum Reports:
Standard Grade
Symbol G2107B
12 Gauge
Barrel Length: 28″
Right Barrel: Modified, Left Barrel: Full
Single Trigger
Selective ejector
Pistol grip stock
Hard rubber butt plate
Pitch: 2-5/8 in., Pull: 14 in., Drop at heel: 2-5/8 in., Drop at comb: 1-5/8 in.
Inspection Started: February 03, 1949
Inspectino FInished: February 14, 1949

Read more about the Winchester Model 21 here.

Serial Number: 17645

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