Prohibition Era

Prohibition Era

Gangsters, bank robbers, organized crime and economic depression shaped this era of semi-automatic pistols, double-action revolvers and of course the infamous Tommy gun, perhaps the most recognizable firearm during the period. With Art Deco, Speakeasies, fedoras, flashy suits and jazz rounding out the aesthetic of the Prohibition era, the industrial and consumer boom al-so led to an advance in firearms capabilities. These guns were a favorite of many whether it was G-men or street hoodlums wielding these impressive and elegant guns.

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Featured Gun: 1966 Snub Nose Colt Python with 2.5 Inch Barrel for Sale!

Introduced in 1955, The Colt Python was Colt’s top-of-the-line revolver. It was originally intended to be a large frame, double-action revolver. Almost immediately the Python gained a reputation as the premium American revolver. It is built on a .41 caliber size frame for extra durability. Like all Colt revolvers, the cylinder rotates into the frame […]
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