World War I Era

World War I Era

The Great War ushered in a new wave of innovations in firearms. From the advent of belt-fed machine-guns, self-loading pistols with magazines and long range bolt action rifles they set the stage for another worldwide conflict to follow. Trench warfare was gritty tough and conventional warfare during the period and the firearms used during battles reflected these circum-stances. Highly collectible and becoming more rare to own as more time passes, these firearms are a great addition to any collector’s arsenal.

Current Inventory

Steyr Mannlicher M1895 Carbine - 8x50mm - Budapest M95 - MFG 1917 - RARE
Wilson Combat CQB - .45 ACP - W/ OG case + More! - 1911 - XLNT -
Carcano M91 Cavalry Carbine - 6.5x52mm - w/ Bayonet - Italian Classic!
Savage Model 1914 - .22 L,S,LR - Pump-Action Plinker -


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