Featured Gun: Mauser P.08 Black Widow Luger byf 9mm

Mauser P.08 Black Widow Luger byf 42 - 9mm


The Luger, one of the most recognizable handguns of the twentieth century, is well known for its wide use by German military forces during World War I and World War II. Often associated with the Nazi regime, it was the handgun of the Kaiser’s Soldaten before Hitler took power.

During the war, many U.S. troops managed to bring home these pistols as war trophies from dead Nazi soldiers. As a result, many Lugers found their way into the U.S. A variant of the Lugers some of the servicemen were able to take home were unique Lugers that did not have a typical look. These had different grips that made the entire gun black in appearance and would come to be known as “Black Widow” Lugers.

These distinctive pistols are a variant of the P-08 Luger pistol. The P08 Luger is a toggle-locked recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol.

The Black Widow name comes from a generation of American gun collectors who traded in World War II firearms after the the war concluded. The name has lived on ever since and these Lugers have become more and more desirable by collectors.

Lugers that are considered Black Widows are generally defined as a military issue Lugers stamped with BYF 41 or BYF 42. These Lugers originated from the Mauser factory and thousands were equipped with black bakelite grips and black bakelite bottoms on the magazines.

For those who are on the hunt for one of these Lugers, D4 Guns has one of these pistols in excellent condition up for sale!

This pistol and bore are in EXCELLENT condition! All serial numbers appear to match. The magazine is time period correct with the “FXO” stamp and appears to be the original mag in the “Black Widow” configuration. The top of the toggle is marked with the Mauser code “byf”, top of the chamber with the date code “42”. Eagle/135 proofs and eagle/swaz military acceptance mark. “P.08” marked on left sideframe. There are no import marks, indicating it was probably a vet bring-back.