World War II Era

There is no mistaking these iconic guns that were used by both the Allies and the Axis in World War II. From Nazis invading France with their Mausers and MP-40s and Lugers or allied troops storming Normandy on D-Day with their M1 Garands, Browning Automatic Rifles and Thomp-son Sub-Machine guns. With many foot soldiers from many countries the many makes and models of firearms utilized in World War II is endless and are sure to please anyone looking to start a gun collection.

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The M1895 Nagant: is it Collection Worthy?

Here at D4, we get a wide variety of collectors firearms, including an occasional M1895 Nagant. For some, this revolver is a curiosity but does not draw the interest of collectors like Colt, Smith & Wesson or Webley revolvers of the same era. However, the Nagant has an extensive history spanning from […]
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