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American West & Civil War Collection

It was a time of rebellion, outlaws and westward expansion. One thing that proved to be essen-tial during these times was to keep the new and improved firearms at the ready. With muzzle loading, black powder rifles becoming the thing of the past, cartridge ammunition, revolvers, lever-action rifles and scatter guns became the face of the wild west. Glorified by gun slingers like Wyatt Earp and Billy The Kid, these guns symbolized a time of bounty hunting, quick draw showdowns and American ingenuity.

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Winchester’s Tribute to the Legendary John Wayne

  Winchester’s Tribute to the Legendary John Wayne When we think of American Western icons, two things instantly come to mind; John Wayne and the Winchester Model 1894 rifle. It’s no surprise that when the Winchester released the Commemorative John Wayne Model 94 Carbine in 1981, it instantly became an icon for gun collectors and […]
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