American West & Civil War

American West & Civil War Collection

It was a time of rebellion, outlaws and westward expansion. One thing that proved to be essen-tial during these times was to keep the new and improved firearms at the ready. With muzzle loading, black powder rifles becoming the thing of the past, cartridge ammunition, revolvers, lever-action rifles and scatter guns became the face of the wild west. Glorified by gun slingers like Wyatt Earp and Billy The Kid, these guns symbolized a time of bounty hunting, quick draw showdowns and American ingenuity.

Current Inventory

Belgian Flobert Parlor Style Rifle - .22 - Single Shot Gallery Gun
Colt Single Action Army Artillery - .45 Colt - w/ Letter - DFC - 1885 - SAA
Henry H012GMCC Big Boy Steel - .357 Mag / .38 SPL - Lever Action - XLNT!
American Western Arms 1873 Peacekeeper - .45 LC - 4〞 BBL - Colt SAA - AWA
Heritage Rough Rider - .22 LR & .22 MAG - 2 Cylinders - WMR - SAA
Hopkins & Allen Side-by-Side - 12 Gauge - 12ga - Ext. Hammers! - SxS


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Featured Gun: Colt U.S. Cavalry Commemorative 1860 Army Set

The Colt 1860 Army revolver, also known as the Colt U.S. Cavalry revolver, was widely during the American Civil War. The revolver was 44 caliber and the cylinder could be removed for reloading, one of the first of its kind. The gun was known for its reliability and accuracy and both Union and Confederate soldiers […]
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