Featured Gun – Colt Sauer Rifle For Sale (SOLD)


What Makes This Gun Special?

The Colt Sauer was designed to replace Paul Mauser’s classic Model 1898. The true value of this gun is in its craftsmanship. Simply put, they don’t make ’em like they used to. Just about every piece of this fine weapon was handcrafted and carefully inspected for exact precision.

Why Do YOU Need This Gun?

This gun really isn’t for everyone. Only gun collectors who seek the best would really be interested in this piece of functional art. The Colt Sauer is the epitome of workmanship, and it’s non-rotating bolt-design was unparalleled upon initial manufacture.

Maker: Colt
Model: Sauer
S/N: CR6933
History: Manufactured in West Germany by J.P. Sauer and sold by Colt in the U.S., Britain and Australia. The idea behind the rifle was to modernize the Mauser 98. Major manufacturers of the time moved towards rear locking new bolt actions. Colt discontinued this rifle in 1985.
Original Designer: J.P. Sauer
Catalyst for Manufacture: Intended to replace Paul Mauser’s classic Model 1898.
Special Characteristics:

  1. Rear locking
  2. Non-rotating bolt
  3. 3 internally-cammed locking lugs
  4. Single column detachable box magazine
  5. American walnut stock
  6. 18-line hand-checkering
  7. Rosewood forend
  8. Colt blue
  9. Steel used throughout
  10. Contrasting forend and pistol grip caps
  11. Recoil pads with white line spacers

Colt Sauer

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