Featured Gun: RARE North Korean SKS Type 63

Finding a firearm made in North Korea outside of the isolated communist nation is uncommon. The country does not export weapons or much else for that matter. To find one outside North Korea available for sale and information about how it was produced is challenging for any researcher. However, D4 Guns happens to have a pristine North Korean made SKS rifle with all matching serial numbers throughout the rifle including the stock in our inventory. We will highlight some details on this rare find and the limited research we dug up on this SKS.

What can be deduced from the little information that is available bout this weapon is that The North Korean Type 63 SKS was produced in 1963, a few years after North Korea began building its own AK-47s. Many believe the SKS was intended to arm second-line militias and was given to the “Labor-Farming Red Guard,” North Korea’s equivalent of the United States’ National Guard.

One of the least common SKS variants, the Type-63 was a platform based on the Russian SKS-45. The North Korean Type 63 is believed to have at least three separate variants that were produced. The standard model with the under folding bayonet, a second with a gas shutoff and a grenade launcher, like the M59/66 and a third model that appears to have side-folding bayonet. But confirming the particulars of these variants can be quite difficult due to the secrecy of the North Korean regime

Since the rifle was introduced to the North Korean military in 1963, no Type-63s could have been recovered by United States armed forces or other UN troops during the battles of the Korean War which ravaged the region from 1950-1953. Instead, most if not all Type-63s found in the U.S. were potentially captured by American troops during the Vietnam War when North Korea along with several other communist governments sent military aid to North Vietnam army.

The SKS-63 in our inventory is in excellent condition with only one minor crack on the bottom of the stock. Otherwise, it is in perfect condition. It is equipped with a bayonet blade and a dark laminated stock similar to some Russian birch stocks. Additionally, the barrel bore is in excellent condition and measures at 20.5″ long.

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