Featured Gun: Robinson Armament M96 Expeditionary Semi-Automatic Rifle for Sale!

The Robinson Armament M96 Expeditionary Semi-Automatic Rifle uses a variety of modular components, it can be configured as an assault rifle, carbine, top-fed light machine gun, belt-fed rifle that is a reproduction of the Stoner 63 rifle designed by Eugene Stoner in the early 1960s. Original Stoner rifles saw very limited combat use by United States forces during the Vietnam War.

The M96 is gas-operated, with a fixed gas cylinder and moving piston connected to the operating rod and bolt carrier. All variants are equipped with a gas regulator, which allows fine-tuning for low or high powered cartridges, outside temperature, etc., and is probably unique for a civilian rifle in this caliber. The bolt carrier has been specially designed for strength and slow cyclic rate for improved reliability. The M96 bolt is a six-lug design somewhat similar to an AR-15 bolt but with larger, stronger lugs. The M96 receiver is stamped stainless steel with a special blackening treatment. The barrel is parkerized chromoly steel and the stocks are molded plastic. Incidentally, the buttstock is the one part of the M96 that is interchangeable with the Stoner 63. The M96 has adjustable military-type sights (rear aperture and front protected post) and does not have a standard scope mount or Picatinny rail.

The M96 Rifle was designed along the lines of the Stoner 63 Weapon platform used by the Navy Seals and Marines in Vietnam. It was designed so that it could be built as a carbine, rifle, top-fed, or belt-fed weapon. The Stoner rifle was very reliable but quite expensive to manufacture due to its design. Robinson Armament Co. made the M96 between 1999 and 2005 in carbine, rifle, and top-fed configurations.

For those who want to add to their cold war collection or own the rifle many believe should have been the main rifle of U.S. forces during Vietnam, here is an opportunity. D4 Guns has an M96 up for sale and is this week’s featured gun. The rifle is in great condition, comes with one magazine and will sell fast!