Featured Gun: Winchester Model 21 Shotgun For Sale!

The Winchester model 21 represents an achievement in American shotgun design for many reasons. The model 21 was one of Winchester’s finest shotguns with regards to quality, reliability and strength. Although it’s considered a production gun, each example was custom-made for owners in terms of configuration, workmanship, quality and attention to detail.

Constructed of Winchester’s Proof Steel, the model 21 was built to last. One of the hallmark designs of the model 21 is the flat junction of the barrels and action between the breech face and hinge pin. Every Winchester model 21 were mostly built the same, though some models did have receiver engravings and high-end wood for the stock and fore-end.

The shotgun’s initial production run from 1931 through 1960 yielded approximately 30,000 shotguns. Winchester Repeating Arms Company ceased the main production line of this shotgun in 1960 and the model 21 was sourced to the Winchester Custom Shop until the gun’s retirement in 1991.

The Model 21 was Winchester’s effort to make a quality side-by-side shotgun to rival those of high-end makers such as Parker and Fox. The model 21 has a considerable collectors following as it is regarded as one of the best American-made shotguns ever produced.

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This Winchester Model 21 is a skeet variant and is chambered in  16GA and is in excellent condition for its age. According to an official letter from the Cody Firearms Museum, this Model 21 was manufactured in October 1946.

Truly a work of art, this Winchester model 21 is guaranteed to make any shotgun fanatic happy to be able to add this beauty to their collection.