Colt 1911 A1 U.S. Property | Remington Rand Slide – WWII

Colt 1911 A1 U.S. Property | Remington Rand Slide – WWII


For sale is a Colt/Remington Rand 1911 semi-automatic pistol in .45ACP. Serial number-826601. Frame MFG in 1942. This pistol is in great condition and comes with (1) WWII magazine. It has a colt frame with a Remington Rand Slide. Stamps include a "P" proof mark next to mag release button. The right side of the frame features several marks behind the trigger guard cutaway including a (Flaming bomb) mark, Frank Krack (FK) inspector mark, Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) rework stamp, along with serial number and "UNITED STATES PROPERTY" marks. The flaming bomb is the provisional inspector's mark. It was used to show that the pistol has passed preliminary inspection. The inspector stamp of W.B. is for Colonel Waldemar S. Broberg. He was the Army Inspector of Ordnance from July 1st, 1941 to June 16th, 1942 in the Hartford/Springfield Ordnance District. From the mid-1920s to the mid-1950s thousands of 1911s and 1911A1s were refurbished at U.S. Arsenals and Service depots. These refurbishes could be minor inspections to major overhauls. Pistols that were refurbished at Government arsenals will usually be marked on the frame/receiver with the arsenal's initials. Frank Krack was Assistant Foreman of the Inspection Division at Rock Island Arsenal from September 17, 1941 until he retired on July 19th, 1946. During that period all small arms inspected under his supervision would be stamped with his initials "FK" as well as those of the Rock Island Arsenal "RIA". The magazine is an original WWII Mag with "S", "C-S", as in, Scovill & Colt-Scovill stamps.
Barrel Length: 5
Bore condition: Excellent
Year Manufactured: 1942

Serial Number: 826601

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