Colt 1911 US Navy Contract – .45 ACP

Colt 1911 US Navy Contract – .45 ACP


For sale is a Colt 1911 US Navy semi-automatic pistol in .45 ACP. Serial number- 88406. This pistol is in great condition and comes with a 7-round magazine. Please be sure to see the photos to asses the condition of the pistol for yourself. There is a "WGP" (Major Walter G. Penfield) inspection stamp and US Property on the left side of the frame. On the right side of the slide, there is a "MODEL OF 1911 U.S. NAVY" stamp. We cannot confirm if the pistol has been refinished but it does appear to have been at some point. The grips, grip screws, barrel, and barrel brushing do not appear to be original. We are unsure if the slide release/sights are original.

This is a desirable Colt 1911, produced in 1914 and issued to the US Navy. These U.S. Navy contract pistols with the early U.S. Navy marked slides and early style small serifed lettering and serial numbers are probably one of the most difficult of the standard issue Model 1911s to acquire. There were a total of approximately 15,037 of these early style, U.S. Navy marked slides produced in total and this was changed (to standard U.S. Army markings) after 1915 as the Army, who was the Ordnance proponent for service pistols wanted standard markings and serial number placement throughout the Model 1911 production. So their survival rate is extremely low, since they were in service for the next 80 years.
Barrel Length: 5
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1914

Serial Number: 88406

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