Colt DA 45 New Service M1909 – .45 LC – US Property

Colt DA 45 New Service M1909 – .45 LC – US Property


For sale is a Colt DA 45 “New Service” Model of 1909 revolver in .45 LC. Serial number-41169. This revolver is in amazing condition considering its age. Manufactured in 1911. It has standard Colt factory markings, “UNITED STATES PROPERTY” on the underside of the barrel, “RAC” on the bottom of the barrel, frame, and cylinder. The U.S. Army markings on the butt and the lanyard ring is still present. Matching numbers are found on the butt, frame, crane, and cylinder latch.

The Colt New Service M1892 revolver chambered in .38 Long Colt was adopted US Army but complaints amongst US Troops fighting in the Philippines arose stating that the .38 caliber was too weak. Apparently, Philippino “Moro” fighters would continue to fight even when shot multiple times at close range. The 1908 was an upgraded New Service chambered in .45 LC giving servicemen extra fire-power! The Model 1909 even helped influence the US Army’s decision to adopt the Model 1911 in .45 ACP. V2-J2 Barrel Length: 5.5 Bore condition: Excellent

Serial Number: 41169

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