Colt Model 1877 Lightning – .38 LC

Colt Model 1877 Lightning – .38 LC


For sale is a Colt Model 1877 "Lightning" revolver in .38 Long Colt. Serial number – 54673. This revolver is in working condition and originally had a nickel-plated finish but most over that has worn away. Still this revolver is in working order…Not bad for a nearly 140-year-old revolver! The Colt M1877 was a double-action revolver manufactured by Colt's Patent Fire Arms from January 1877 to 1909 for a total of 166,849 revolvers. The Model 1877 was offered in three calibers, which lent them three unofficial names: the "Lightning", the "Thunderer", and the "Rainmaker". The principal difference between the models was the cartridge in which they were chambered. It was Colt's and America's first successful double-action revolver.

Please see the photos to assess the condition for yourself. The bore looks great considering the age of this revolver bit there is some very minor pitting. The grip on the left side is cracked and chipped. The single-action works without issue, the double-action pulls the hammer back but does not release the hammer at the end of the trigger pull. Colt 1877s were notorious for their finicky double action.
Barrel Length: 3.5
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1886

Serial Number: 54673

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