Colt Single Action Army – .45 Colt

Colt Single Action Army – .45 Colt


For sale is an all-matching Colt Single Action Army revolver in .45 Colt. Serial number-219092. This old revolver comes as-is with no extras, and after running a serial number lookup, we've determined it was manufactured in 1901. Some of the stamps appear to be light but we don't think it was refinished. All the serials appear to match but we couldn't confirm the loading gate serial but we believe it is 190, which can be found in the serial. This revolver is in overall fair condition. The bore has some pitting but the rifling is still clear and visible and considering the revolver was manufactured over 100 years ago. The Colt Single Action Army is one of the most recognizable and replicated handguns in history. However, this revolver is the real deal, not a Post-WWII or movie replica. It is time to add this revolver to the collection!
Barrel Length: 4.75
Bore condition: Fair
Year Manufactured: 1901

Serial Number: 219092

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