Czech Mauser VZ.24 – 7×57 – Sporter

Czech Mauser VZ.24 – 7×57 – Sporter


For sale is a Sporterized Czech Mauser VZ. 24 bolt-action rifle in 7×57. Serial number-186N3. This rifle has been sporterized for recreational use. It also appears it has been refinished and features a black synthetic stock and a 5 round internal magazine. Please Note the bolt feels a little loose when it is pulled all the way to the rear, otherwise the bolt locks and functions fine. The VZ.24 rifle is a bolt-action carbine designed and produced in Czechoslovakia from 1924 to 1942. It was developed from the famous Mauser Gewehr 98 line, and features a very similar bolt design. The rifle was designed in Czechoslovakia shortly after World War I.
Barrel Length: 24
Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: 186N3

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