H&R Arms Co. M1 Garand – .30 M1

H&R Arms Co. M1 Garand – .30 M1


For sale is an H&R Arms Co. M1 Garand semi automatic rifle in .30 M1. Serial number- 5620496. Manufactured in 1954, this M1 Garand was imported by C.A.I. and has the original metal and wood finish, with no indications of refinish or enhancement. Please note that this M1 Garand needs to be RE-BARRELED before operating. The gas lock threads on the original barrel of this rifle are worn, so we have INCLUDED a 24" Danish, "VAR" stamped, post WWII dated barrel in excellent condition! There is a crack on the stock directly behind the receiver, as well as the handguard . Some collectors consider H&R M1 rifles to be among the best regarding fit, finish, and overall craftsmanship of M1s. Production of the H&R M1 rifles ceased in May 1956, by which time 428,600 rifles had been delivered.
Barrel Length: 24
Bore condition:
Year Manufactured: 1954

Serial Number: 5620496

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