Martini Henry MK IV – .557/450 MH

Martini Henry MK IV – .557/450 MH


For sale is a Martini-Henry MKIV Pattern A, lever-action, single-shot rifle in .577/450 Martini-Henry. Serial number – 172. This is Martini-Henry MKIV was manufactured in December 1887 according to the date stamp on the receiver. This rifle is in amazing condition considering its age and service. It was given to Nepal as the Nepalians struggled to equip their soldiers. There are Nepali Stamps on the stock and the bottom of the trigger guard. The bore is in excellent condition and features unique-looking Metford-style rifling (See in the Photos).

The Martini-Henry served the British across its extensive Empire, from Wars with the Zulu and Boars to the colonial battles in Africa during WWI to expeditions into Afghanistan. In fact, there were reports of rifles being used against invading Soviet troops by Afghani fighters in the 1980s and in 2011 some Martini-Henrys were found in a Taliban weapons cache captured by US Marines. The Martini-Henry is a famous Imperial rifle that served the British Empire during the height of the Victorian Era. V2-B6 Barrel Length: 33 Bore condition: Excellent Year Manufactured: 1887

Serial Number: 172

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