Mauser Mod. 71/91 Daudeteau / Dovitis Rifle – 6.5×53

Mauser Mod. 71/91 Daudeteau / Dovitis Rifle – 6.5×53


For sale is a Mauser Model 71/91 Daudeteau / Dovitis Rifle single-shot rifle in 6.5×53. Serial number- 90828. This rifle is in great condition especially considering it's almost 140 years old! The bore looks excellent This is a very nice example of the rare "Dovitis" rifle, which is a French conversion of the German Mauser Model 1871 Infantry Rifle. This M71/91 is marked I. G. Mod. 71 on the left side of the receiver in German "Black Letter" type. This stands for Infanterie Gewehr (Infantry Rifle) Model 71. The opposite side of the receiver has the original manufacture date of 1881, with other German proof marks.

This rifle was converted at the St. Denis Arsenal in France into the smallbore, 6.5mm Daudeteau cartridge (6.5 x 53.5mm) for Uruguay at the behest of an Uruguayan-Greek named Dovitis. The proof is the Lebel type barrel has St. Denis markings on the breech: L. F. t. P / St. Denis. This is a fine example of a rarely-seen Daudeteau conversion and would make a wonderful addition to any collection.
Barrel Length: 31.5
Bore condition: Excellent
Year Manufactured: 1881

Serial Number: 90828

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