NAZI FN Browning Hi-Power – 9mm

NAZI FN Browning Hi-Power – 9mm


For sale is a FN Browning Hi-Power semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. Serial number- 55065. This pistol is in great condition and comes with 1 magazine. Unfortunately, this Hi-Power looks to have been refinished (Chrome) as the stamps are faded/light. However, there is some good news, the German Military proof marks and stamps can still be seen on the left side of the frame and slide and another one can be found just under the muzzle of the barrel. All the serials match on the barrel, slide, and frame. During early part of WWII Hitler did not want the German people to feel the weight of a complete war economy, however, the German military was desperate to manufacture small arms. The Nazis chose to rectify the problem by contracting production from other countries such as Hungry, Austria, and Spain. When War broke out Germany invaded Belgium and defeated the French and British Armies, the German Army used occupied munitions factories as well. FN was one of the factories that were forced to produce arms for the German Army including Browning Hi-Power pistols. Since the Nazis only controlled Belgium for a few years only a limited number of Hi-Power's were provided to the Germans, making these rare pistols highly collectible!

Barrel Length: 5
Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: 55065

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