Rock Island Arsenal M1903 – .30-06

Rock Island Arsenal M1903 – .30-06


For sale is a Rock Island Arsenal M1903 bolt-action rifle in .30-06. Serial number- 254581. This 1903 is in good condition and comes with a leather sling. There is a M26 marking underneath the barrel but no date of manufacture on the top of the barrel. In 1899, Congress appropriated funds to establish a military rifle production line at Rock Island. Before this could be accomplished, however, plans to adopt a new service rifle to replace the Krag resulted in a delay in establishing a rifle production line at Rock Island. On June 23, 1903, soon after adoption of the M1903 rifle, the commanding officer of Rock Island Arsenal was ordered to begin plans for manufacture of this new rifle. In early 1904, 70 skilled workers were transferred from Springfield to Rock Island to assist in setting up the rifle manufacturing program. The officer initially in charge of M1903 production at Rock Island was Captain John T. Thompson, who later gained fame as developer of the submachine gun that bore his name.
Barrel Length: 24
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1917

Serial Number: 254581

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