Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter

Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter


The Ruger® Super Blackhawk® Hunter Single-Action Revolver is designed for serious big game hunting and long range shooting. To accommodate shooters who want to use optical sights on their handgun, the Hunter Model features integral scope bases machined into a full-length rib along the top of the barrel, and comes with Ruger scope rings. The front sight is dovetail into the top rib, making the sight easily replaceable. The rear sight is click adjustable for both windage and elevation, and is protected by integral frame topstrap ribs. The robust Super Blackhawk Hunter is constructed entirely of stainless steel. The grip frame is slightly longer than that of the standard Blackhawk to provide a solid hold and disperse recoil over a larger area. The traditional western-style grip pattern is known for its natural pointing characteristics, enabling users to shoot instinctively, as well as stand and take a careful aim. The hammer spur on the Super Blackhawk is lower to facilitate cocking the revolver under adverse conditions. An unfluted cylinder adds weight and withstands high-pressure .44 magnum loads.

Serial Number: 88-29466

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