Savage Model 99E – .308 Win

Savage Model 99E – .308 Win


For sale is a Savage Model 99 lever-action rifle in .308 Win. Serial number – A887409. Deer hunters will swear to the end of their days that the Savage Model 99 in 300 Savage is the deer's worst enemy and some would go so far as to say it’s killed more deer than the Win 94. Whether or not you believe this, the Savage Model 99 is a legendary lever-action hunting rifle with an excellent reputation. Savage began starting serial numbers with a letter in 1969, these are all Westfield guns, codes go A thru G (G being Spanish produced parts). A was the first serial number letter prefix and indicates manufacture in 1969 or the very early '70s. Receivers were produced and had a serial number applied, actually, the assembly may have occurred a year or so later at which time the lever tang code was applied.
Barrel Length: 20
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1969

Serial Number: A887409

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