Soviet M1895 Nagant – 7.62x38mm

Soviet M1895 Nagant – 7.62x38mm


For sale is a Nagant M1895 double-action revolver in 7.62x38mmR. Serial number – KK184. Mfg Dated: 1941. This revolver is in great condition especially considering its age. This iconic Russian pistol was adopted by Imperial Russia and later the Soviet Union. It served Russia during World War I and World War II. A unique feature of the M1895 Nagant is the cylinder that slides forward and seals the cylinder gap. The sealing feature also made it possible to suppress the revolver marking the sidearm as the first suppressible revolver.
Barrel Length: 4.5
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1941

Serial Number: KK184

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